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A11752 Summary:

SAME ASNo same as
SPONSORRules (Sanders)
COSPNSRTonko, Gantt, Nolan, Hooper, Sweeney, McEneny, Galef, Grannis, Smith, DiNapoli, John
Amd SS2023, 2851, 2854, 2856, 2857 & 3602, rpld S2854 sub 3 ô(b-1), Ed L
Relates to applications and admissions to charter schools; provides that in no case shall the enrollment in charter schools exceed more than five percent of the total public school enrollment of such school district unless the charters for such charter schools are approved by the board of education or such school district; authorizes identical health care insurance benefits to employees of a charter school as public school employees; addresses aid for certain charter school payments.
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