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A01721 Summary:

SAME ASNo same as
SPONSORSidikman (MS)
COSPNSRDiNapoli, Colman, Colton, Englebright, Eddington
MLTSPNSRDestito, Dinowitz, Galef, Gromack, John, Kaufman, Koon, Levy, Magee, Mayersohn, McLaughlin, Ortiz,Pheffer, Smith, Sweeney, Tokasz, Weisenberg, Weprin
Amd S621, add S623-a, Exec L
Establishes a victims' assistance education program within the crime victims board to enhance and augment services to victims of crime; further develops education programs for police, sheriffs, administrative law judges, district attorneys and providers of victims assistance services; requires the crime victims board to report annually to the Governor and legislature.
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