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A03124 Summary:

COSPNSRSchimminger, Morelle, Englebright, Colman, Matusow
MLTSPNSRDelMonte, Eddington
Add S209-r, Exec L
Directs the NYS Office of Science, Technology & Academic Research to establish a high-technology incubator program for the purpose of providing financial support for high-technology incubators: defines incubator as a facility providing low-cost space, technical assistance, and support services (including but not limited to central services shared by tenants of the facility), to small, new high-technology businesses; defines high-technology business; provides that the office shall provide grants for operating assistance for incubators sponsored by vocational educational institutions, colleges or universities and other specified entities demonstrating strong public and private sector support and involvement; specifies sources of funds from which such grants shall be made; directs the office to establish criteria for eligibility for funding including certain mandatory criteria; related provisions.
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