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A09081 Summary:

SAME ASNo same as
SPONSORRules (Luster)
COSPNSRSeddio, Eve, Lavelle, Ortiz, Dinowitz, Eddington, Clark, Cook, Cymbrowitz, Glick, Gordon, Green,Hooper, Jacobs, Mayersohn, McEneny, Weisenberg
Amd S1.03, add Art 35 S35.01, Ment Hyg L
Requires the director of a facility proposing to administer electroconvulsive therapy to a patient to consult with an independent psychologist and the patient's physician to determine if the patient has the capacity to provide informed consent to such therapy; provides that if patient has capacity to provide informed consent, such patient shall be given information on such therapy, have five days to decide to grant consent, sign a consent form and be informed that consent may be withdrawn at any time; if a patient lacks capacity to provide informed consent and such therapy is warranted, then such director must apply to supreme court or county court for authorization to administer such therapy.
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