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A09759 Summary:

Amd Various laws, generally
Enacts language qualifying and implementing appropriations made in the health, mental hygiene and environmental conservation budget pursuant to Article 7 of the Constitution; makes provision with respect to surf clams and ocean quahogs; relates to the effectiveness of provisions of law relating to pesticide product registration timetables and fees; relates to certain pet food brand registration and weighmaster license fees; relates to hunting and fishing licenses; relates to snowmobile fees; relates to contracts for municipal landfill closure; authorizes the transfer of certain moneys to the environmental protection fund and authorizes spending from the environmental protection fund; relates to clean water/clean air bond act funding for municipal recycling projects in New York city and diesel-fueled school bus retrofit equipment projects; provides for increases for recruitment and retention of health care workers in the areas of early intervention services, home care, private duty nursing, AIDS adult day health care services, hospice services and certain clinic services; relates to per diem payment for certain inpatient services; relates to supplemental payments to certain clinics; relates to eligibility of certain residential health care facilities for recruitment and retention funds; relates to recognizing the date of agreement of a certain merger of hospital systems; relates to the exclusion of certain revenue from the assessment on nursing homes; provides flexibility and authority to borrow funds from available pool funds under the Health Care Reform Act; relates to hospital assessments; relates to personal care services worker recruitment and retention program; relates to insurance coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of infertility.
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